Car Products

Made from Aluminium or Galvanized & Electroplated wire,
the panels are strong and durable, yet light weight.
 All car gates and carriers are
custom made to each individual car's specifications.
Easy to install or remove in minutes. 

        We design and custom make the following according to your car's measurements:
(click on each for more information and photos)

Dividing Panel
Window bars

Front and Back Loader
4-dog Carrier  
Car Ramps

For Vets and Parlours (for vans etc)
     Car Gates  

Shown above and below, made from Aluminium,
4 compartments fitted into a pickup :
(with access to the rear compartments through the front compartments)
Firstly the solid middle panel is installed dividing the space into a left and right section.
Then the gate panels for the rear compartments are installed...
Lastly the front gate panel is installed ...



Some examples of the Galvanized & Electroplated Wire .



Other examples :

2 compartments with extra storage space below :





    Dividing Panel


    4 Dog Carrier

4 compartments, 2 with entry from the side doors as well as 2 at the back :




    Front and Back Loader

    Car Boxes


    Window Bars

    Car Ramps  



  For Vets and Parlours

Custom build, 3 large dogs below and 4 small dogs on top.



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